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On November 21, a team of Alibaba's offline supermarket Hema Xiansheng arrived at Rongda Poultry Co., Ltd. to take a detailed photo of the company's environment and egg products.

According to Anhui Business Daily, on October 17, the Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft was successfully launched in Jiuquan. The Hericium and Ganoderma lucidum strains from Jinzhai County of our province were taken by astronauts to space breeding . Prior to this, when the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft launched in 2013, it carried 200 grams of wheat seeds and 100 grams of soybean seeds selected and sent by Fuyang City, and 8 kinds of Chinese medicinal seeds selected and sent by Bozhou City, including Cassia, Atractylodes, Radix Isatidis, Shegan, Prunella vulgaris, peony, danshen, and platycodon have also successfully returned to space after carrying the Long March 7 carrier rocket. Since the Ninth Provincial Party Congress, all parts of the province have made great efforts to plan projects with strong driving force, high technology content and in line with the development direction of modern agriculture, and with leading enterprises as the core, speed up the optimization of factor aggregation and promote the integrated development of rural industries .

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