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Anhui Rongda Poultry Development Co., Ltd. was founded in November 1999, is a collection of new varieties of chickens breeding, breeder production, merchandise chicken farming, egg processing, such as intensive processing of an integrated enterprise, is the agricultural industrialization of key national enterprises , The national hen industry technical system comprehensive test station relying on units, the national hen core breeding field, the national green food demonstration enterprises, the World Egg Association member units, the new three board listed companies (stock code: 834797). Rongda Porada's existing Anhui Rongda Food Co., Ltd., Anhui Weifeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Anhui Sanhao Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Fengda Sanhao Network Technology Co., Ltd. and a technology research and development institutions, with China's largest black bone Laying hens breeding and production base, the existing bar more than 300 million laying hens, egg processing capacity of up to 20,000 tons / year. Company self-cultivation of the "Fengda 1" layer of supporting the adoption of new varieties identified by the country. The main products are "Feng Da" brand of fresh eggs, soil eggs, mountain eggs, black bone eggs, old mother chicken soup and egg powder, egg, lysozyme, immunoglobulin and other intensive processing products. Eggs, old hen two series of seven products through the national "green food" certification, won several national and local food honor awards, has become Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other places of choice for consumers.

Since the establishment of the company, pay attention to the cooperation of production and research, long-term and Anhui Agricultural University, Jiangnan University and other schools and enterprises to develop new products, cultivate new talent, to promote enterprise development, improve the enterprise structure continue to inject new impetus; Deep processing of egg products, organic fertilizer production and other fields have made fruitful scientific research. Access to laying hens breeding technology national invention patent 1; breeding of two new varieties of new varieties of chickens through the provincial validation; unique high-quality chicken source breeding base of the leading domestic industry; company's products because of its unique local characteristics and safety Green quality to make it in the Soviet Union, Shanghai, Anhui, Zhejiang market is popular, especially the "Feng Da" brand black bone eggs in Lianhua, Carrefour, Hualian, Wal-Mart, agriculture and industry and other major supermarkets have a high reputation, And has become the largest in East China's black bone egg producers and suppliers of high-quality eggs, many times won the Jiang, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places assured of agricultural products, best-selling product award.

Over the years, Rongda people always adhere to perseverance, sincerity, conscience of the creative values, promote healthy eating culture, dedication dedication of safe nutrition, high quality delicious egg products. In the industry to take the lead in the establishment of food safety throughout the traceability system, operating in good faith with great concentration, in good faith to establish a brand, really do every egg is assured eggs, every egg is conscience eggs.

Rongda company under the leadership of chairman Liu Jiarong, take the whole industry chain covering the business model, adhere to the "perseverance, conscience, sincere" corporate values, adhere to the "brand strong enterprises, brand power" development purposes. Rongda people believe: Rongda is China, Rongda is the world!