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Party branch work

Over the past year, the office branch of the office, in accordance with the requirements of the important thinking of the "three represents", centered on the work of the party committee and the government and the "advanced branch plan" formulated at the beginning of the year, combined with the "Research Year" and " "Activities, do a good job," four grasping four promote ", give full play to the political advantages of the branch for our economic development and social stability and make due contributions.

First, grasp the theory of learning, and promote the ideological and political quality of party members continue to improve

This year, the branch uses a variety of forms to organize party members to carry out theoretical study.

1, according to the various periods of the party committee and the requirements of the Working Committee, by the branch and the party members to organize party members to carry out learning.

2, the organization of party members to participate in various levels of training courses held to improve service skills. To further consolidate the learning effect.

3, according to the organs of the work of the "Journal of Journal", the organization of party members to learn "why to maintain the party's advanced nature" and so on more than 90 articles. At the same time, the organization party members to watch by the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Justice, China Central Television jointly produced the "initiative - China's popular law road", "under the shadow of traffic lights", "against cults, advocating civilization" and other educational video and photo exhibition.

(1) to grasp the system construction and to promote the improvement of party members' objectives management

1, improve the job system.

2, strict branch of the organization and life system, enrich the comrades of the spiritual life.

3, improve the democratic evaluation of party members system.

(2) grasp the team building, and promote the further development of branch combat effectiveness

1, do a good job of party members management.

2, do a good job building.

(C) grasp the development of the first priority, to promote the improvement of service quality

1, around the party and the government's economic work to strengthen the comprehensive coordination.

2, archives work, focusing on the village (neighborhood) committee file work to carry out business.

3, to strengthen policy research, information, supervision work.

4, do a good job of secretary and administrative logistics services. First, the secretary work to pay close attention to the affairs of discipline and issued a nuclear issue as a breakthrough, to further enhance the service image. Second, logistics work pay close attention to management.

Over the past year, although the branch work to achieve certain results, work by the leadership, grassroots and the masses affirmed, but with the District, the district government requirements there are still some gaps and deficiencies, but also continue to strengthen ideological and political and theoretical study, The overall quality, improve service quality and improve service levels.

Second, next year's work plan

(A) to strengthen learning, improve the ideological awareness of party members and the level of knowledge

Continue to organize party members to learn the relevant laws and regulations and the party's government's resolutions, decisions and rules and regulations, and constantly improve the party's thinking and knowledge of the level of knowledge.

(B) to strengthen the party style, party discipline education, improve the sense of service of party members

Enhance the law-abiding, honest and self-discipline of consciousness.

(C) to strengthen the organization of the branch, to improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the branch

Strengthen the communication between the new branch and the party leader. Adhere to the "Communist Party of China Development Party Work Rules" requires a good job to join the party to develop education and inspection work, a planned development of new party members. Conscientiously do a good job of party members and the collection of party fees.

(D) to strengthen the branch of the system construction, and promote the standardization of daily work

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