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Party branch construction

Anhui Rongda Poultry Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, is a set of new varieties of laying hens, breeder production, merchandise chicken farming, refined egg processing, poultry meat processing, organic fertilizer production as one of the layers of the whole industry chain Production mode of agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises, is the industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises at the provincial level, the national hen industry technology system comprehensive test station relying on units, the national hen core breeding field, the national green food demonstration enterprises, the world's egg Association member units, the existing wing Up to three companies and a technology research and development institutions, with China's largest breed breeding and production base, the existing three layers of rice laying hens, A period of deep processing capacity of 15,000 tons / year. "Feng Da" brand eggs, chicken soup and other seven products have been through the national "green food" certification, access to national and local food honor awards, has become Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other places of choice for consumers. The company was December 30, 2015 officially listed the new three board, a public company.

Rongda Poultry Co., Ltd. Party branch was established in 1999, the existing party members 10 (of which 9 were party members, party members 1), is a small grass-roots party organizations, party branches always uphold the center, And strengthen the construction of the party building, and constantly strengthen the infrastructure construction, ideological construction, organizational construction and style of work, and to strengthen the construction of the party building, Promote the party members and all the staff to improve the overall quality, and effectively play the role of the party organization fighting fortress and party vanguard exemplary role in the party building work and business development and other aspects have made remarkable achievements.

First, party members education is solid and effective

First, adhere to the leading cadres "take the lead" system. For a long time, the company party members and leading cadres always do everything well, when a good demonstration, and establish a good image and benchmark. Such as in the advanced nature of education activities last year, to do the "seven lead" for the in-depth development of educational activities played a good guiding role, solid measures, innovative ideas have been widely praised as a corporate party organizations get county " In 2014 won the "advanced party organization in 2012" issued by Taizhou Town; in 2014 won the "five good work committee" title, in the community to establish a good image.

Second, adhere to the "four learning" system. Namely: plan decomposition, study attendance, learning make-up and learning assessment system, through these measures to ensure that party members do not learn the form of learning, so as to achieve the learning staff, learning content, learning time and learning effect of the "four in place."

Third, adhere to the "learning innovation" system. Focus on the form and content of innovation. Such as in the advanced nature of education activities, the establishment of the study must read the book and learn advanced model combination, sit down and learn to go out to learn to combine, learn advanced and establish a combination of advanced system of the "three combined" learning method.

Second, the organization's reserve team building capacity has been strengthened

First, strict development of party members. On the one hand, strengthen education and guide, and constantly improve the quality of the party to join the party. Key education to guide the younger, higher education, better performance of the workers to actively move closer to the party organization, and actively absorb the party activists listen to party lessons, participate in some of the activities of the party organization, so that they mature soon. On the other hand, strict standards to ensure the quality of new development party members. And earnestly strengthen the investigation of the activists in the party, in the development of public relations system, inspection system and democratic evaluation system to ensure the development of party members quality.

Second, adhere to the "party members push excellent" system. In recent years, the party branch in accordance with the cadre of young, knowledgeable requirements, to strengthen the selection and training of young party members and cadres, merit recommended to enrich the company leading cadres, Rongda Poultry Industry Co., Ltd. leadership team delivered a young and promising, Really talented people, and enhance the combat effectiveness of the leadership team.

Third, grasp the harmony, security and stability, improve the party organizations in the masses of prestige

In view of the actual situation of the company's jurisdiction scattered, the party branch continued to care for the staff, smooth the staff demands channels, listen to the staff voices, through the staff congress, staff representatives forum, so that employees participate in business management, expression of interest demands. The staff demands the implementation of one to one help, rationalize the mood, resolve the contradictions, play a grasp of harmony, the role of stability. Company to send warm in winter, summer to send cool, birthday to send blessing as the carrier, concerned about every employee, especially the difficulties of workers. In 2015, a total of 45 employees sent a birthday cake, 63 employees for the injection of hepatitis B vaccine, condolences difficult 10 staff, the grant of subsidies (including staff hospital subsidies, hardship workers condolences) 5900 yuan.

Fourth, grasp the creation of spiritual civilization to build fruit

While grasping the work of communication construction and business development, the leading group of the Company insists on taking Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thinking of the 'Three Represents' as the guide, thoroughly studying and implementing the spirit of the 18th Party Congress, and putting the creation of civilized units into the business objectives Management, adhere to the "hands grasp, both hands should be hard" approach to civilized unit standards as the yardstick, around the "consolidation, improvement, extension, radiation," the work of ideas, pay close attention to service standards, commitment to services, improve the overall quality of the overall staff , A solid civil service units to create activities. We have increased the basic investment in building enterprises, the office environment has been greatly improved, to the "hardening, greening, landscaping" requirements. At the same time, the company funded the purchase of fitness equipment, badminton, table tennis table, chess, go, checkers and other cultural and entertainment equipment, staff amateur cultural life is rich, the spirit of the face has also been greatly changed. In the creation, we carried out a series of civilized employees, civilized families and other activities to create a large number of party members and employees in the creation of actively play a leading role in the ranks of the staff gradually formed a pioneering advanced, everyone desperate advanced corporate atmosphere The Party branch of the company closely around the objectives of the enterprise to the masses as a basis for a typical demonstration, to the activities as the carrier to the example of education, and comprehensively improve the creation of quality and create the level of the company to promote the pace of reform, business development, Civilized units to create and other aspects have made remarkable achievements.

Fifth, grasp management, improve the rules and regulations, to promote the standardization of work, process

Companies do a good job in business development at the same time, in practice, explore, sum up in the work, strengthen enterprise management, and constantly improve the rules and regulations, and strive to achieve standardization and standardization. First, in accordance with the party group construction of the institutionalized, standardized and scientific. Combined with the actual situation of the company, developed the "party members and cadres learning plan", "party education system", "ideological reporting system", "democratic life system" and other rules and regulations; focus on enriching the organization of life content and improve the quality of organizational life. Party members of the party's fine tradition of education, to ensure that the company's decision-making democratization, scientific and institutionalized, give full play to the company's overall effectiveness of the party branch and the role of the fortress. Second, the establishment of the "farming area on duty system", "health inspection system", "vehicle management approach" and so on more than 10 management system; third is to strengthen the basic work management, pay close attention to system implementation, improve execution. Party branch of the implementation of the system carried out a strict supervision and inspection, increase supervision and assessment efforts to promote the coordination of the operation of enterprises into a standardized track. Fourth, earnestly implement the security system. Adhere to the principle of prevention-oriented, to strengthen the comprehensive management of internal security to ensure that the company's internal stability and security. We have issued a service convention, security, confidentiality system, cash management, aquaculture area registration system and business development assessment methods and other rules and regulations, in the management of the implementation of a level of a level, a management level supervision and management system The Scientific and rigorous management, over the years, my company did not happen a major safety responsibility accident.

Tide flat across the river, the wind is Yifan hanging. In the tide of market economy, Rongda Poultry Industry Co., Ltd. has been the party building work as a top priority for the enterprise, the party building work and administrative work, trade union work organically, from the ideological, organizational, team, style and other aspects Depth construction, and achieved good results, not only the level of party building has been significantly improved, but also led to the overall level of business development to enhance. The next step, the company will continue to seriously implement the party branch of the higher party branch of the work of the deployment, increase efforts to further promote the transformation and development, continue to "four good team" strict requirements of their own, to promote the work to a new level.