Wafone Creatures

Company Profile

The company is Anhui Rongda Poultry Industry Co., Ltd. supporting the construction of organic fertilizer plant. Located in Guangde County Taizhou town Baiqiao Village, covers an area of 110 acres, the annual processing of chicken manure 30,000 cubic meters, the production of organic fertilizer 15,000 tons.

"Si Tewo", "Feng Runda" organic fertilizer to chicken manure as the main raw material to organic matter-rich rice bran for excipients, and Anhui Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University and other colleges and universities, the use of self-developed bio-fermentation bacteria And biotechnology production. Its product features: can effectively improve the soil, fertility soil; can effectively inhibit harmful bacteria, enhance crop disease resistance, reduce pests and diseases; to maintain crop nutrition balance, water and moisture, improve and improve product quality.