Rongda Food

Our advantage

Raw material advantage
◆Fresh eggs, green, healthy and pollution-free

The Rongda breeding base is located in the mountainous area of southern Anhui, surrounded by forests and with a suitable climate. It provides laying hens with a rare natural and healthy growth environment in China; the eggs for the production of egg powder and liquid products come from the company’s own laying hen farm, and there are 3 million laying hens in stock Ensuring a sufficient supply of raw eggs: The laying hen farm is less than 5 kilometers away from the egg processing workshop, ensuring a fresh supply of raw eggs; scientific breeding methods prevent the occurrence of avian influenza; a complete epidemic prevention system and independent feed processing The workshop makes the eggs free of pesticide residues and drug residues.


Equipment advantages
◆The world's top egg processing equipment

The company has introduced a full set of top European and American production and processing equipment such as Sanovo, Tetrapak and GEA. Based on the integration of Siemens automation control components and technology, the company has developed independent technical property rights, in line with the technology and characteristics of China's egg processing, and has reached international advanced Horizontal control system. In the whole production process, various sensors can be used to monitor the quality of the whole process, thus ensuring that the production process is always in the best condition and the traceability of product quality can be realized.

In addition, the company also has the first domestic automated egg deep processing production line, which uses the latest patented technology transferred from Jiangnan University to efficiently extract the biologically active factors in eggs, and rationally uses the most advanced food biological processing technology during the entire production process, which can be large-scale Produce high-quality, highly active egg yolk immunoglobulin and lysozyme products. The comprehensive deep processing technology level of eggs has reached the world's leading level.


Process advantage
◆Advanced production technology and strict control system

In the entire egg processing process, many advanced egg processing techniques are used. For the first time in the egg-breaking section at home and abroad, the fully enclosed egg-breaking process is used, with the yolk-protein separation enhancement system, which can obtain high-purity egg yolk liquid and protein liquid. Combined with the subsequent continuous collection system, it can prevent bacteria to the greatest extent Pollution.

The key equipment for egg processing---the pasteurizer adopts a 4-segment separation plate that can prevent cross-contamination due to material leakage. The sterilization temperature is accurately controlled and the egg liquid is not easily changed. At the same time, the pasteurizer has two-way cleaning and heat recovery functions, which can better ensure the sanitary indicators of the product and achieve the effect of energy saving.

The dried egg powder adopts an air cooling system, which can quickly cool the high-temperature egg powder formed after spraying, reducing the degree of protein denaturation and significantly improving the quality of the egg powder. At the same time, the egg powder production line is designed to comply with European and American egg product GMP and HACCP standards. It uses a highly automated control system. The key links of the production line are monitored through various sensors. The production process is monitored by full-time monitoring personnel on the production line. , Responsible for the supervision and inspection of process parameters, equipment operation and personnel control at the key control points of each production process. Its quality assurance system extends from the processing workshop to the target customers, covering the entire egg production, processing and logistics process.


Scientific research advantage
◆Strong R&D team and professional technology support

Rongda Foods has successively established stable industry-university-research cooperative relations with Jiangnan University, Anhui Agricultural University, China Agricultural University and other institutions of higher learning. It has established a mobile egg research and development doctoral workstation with Jiangnan University Food College, and hired many doctors and domestic Well-known foreign experts conduct technical research and development work to solve technical difficulties in the field of egg processing and product application, and provide customers with better services and technical support.