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The company continues to promote the construction of ecological breeding bases, follow the concept of modern agricultural development, and follow the construction ideas of "rationalization of site selection, scientific layout, standardization of plant, and internationalization of equipment. Company farm is located in Guangde mountain area, the surrounding environment is beautiful, suitable climate. The superior geographical location and ecological breeding environment have realized the harmonious development of economic benefits and social environment.

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In order to ensure that eggs are fresh and safe, the clean egg sorting and grading packaging equipment imported by the company from Europe can automatically select unqualified eggs such as cracked eggs and bloodstained eggs, realizing the automation of egg sorting, sterilization, grading, date spraying and packaging, and making egg grading more standard, accurate and hygienic. The company has its own perfect logistics team to realize the production and delivery of eggs on the same day, and the next day they can be on the shelves for consumers to buy.

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New breed breeding of laying hens Production of commercial laying hens

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